Arunachal Pradesh – Pristine Enchantment of the Land of Dawn-Lit Highlands!

Arunachal Pradesh – Pristine Enchantment of the Land of Dawn-Lit Highlands!


Aptly called as the Land of Dawn kissed Mountains, Arunachal Pradesh is amongst the seven sister states of the North Eastern part of India. One of the 29 recognised states of India, Arunachal Pradesh is north-eastern most one and shares international borders with Myanmar, Bhutan and China. One of the most diverse regions of not just India but the entire world, Arunachal Pradesh boosts of 101 recognised tribes with several sub-tribes; hence providing a supposedly endless list of Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh, exploring numerous customs, traditions, cultures and their lifestyles. Linguistic hotpot of Asia with more than 50 distinct languages and even more local dialects, tourists not only can witness the diverse harmonious multi cultures but also can witness mesmerising Tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh and enrich themselves with a life-sustaining spellbinding experience.

Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh

Such is the diverse pristine exposure to untouched cultures and locations in Arunachal Pradesh that the most difficult thing to do would be to accommodate so many things in your time-bound list of Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh. Nature is the most fascinating charmer of this place. The settlements enwrapped in mountain foothills and around 5000 varieties of plants including over 500 types of orchids and over 500 bird species with numerous butterflies, Arunachal Pradesh seems like the best abode to rejuvenate ones’ senses. Not just nature, religious and spiritual rejuvenation is also on the cards when you are in Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang Monastery is reputed to be the largest monastery in Buddhism which is outside Lhasa, Tibet.

Besides 400-Lamas strong Tawang Monastery having arguably the most treasured Buddhist libraries in the world, there are other monasteries like the over-400 years old Samten Yoncha Gompa, Urgelling Gompa, Gyangong Ani Gompa, Khinmey Gompa Monasteries which are to be included in the to-be-explored list of Tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh. Also, over one fourth of the population here follow the Sun-Moon religion of Donyi Polo, the beautiful temples of which are spread across the state. Namdapha National Park which covers over 1980 sq. km provides an apt setting to get close to the natural exposure which Arunachal Pradesh has to offer.

Nevertheless, these peace-inducing rejuvenation travel and nature exploits are not the only thing which Arunachal Pradesh has to offer. So, one can fulfil the appetite of their adrenalin rush here through Trekking, Angling, River Rafting, Cliff Jumping and what not! The craft of indigenous population is yet another explore-worthy aspect of Things to do in Arunachal Pradesh. While their wood carvings are on the way to global acknowledgement, pottery, cane art, bamboo work, weaving, painting, smith work and basket making are things which would make you want souvenirs galore.

How to get there?

This is one of the reasons why this remarkable tourist destination has remained hitherto untouched. However, inaccessibility was a worrisome aspect of the past.

Since 2012, the region has witnessed remarkable connectivity from India, some of this can also be attributed to the political fact that China eyes Tawang region as an ideological part of their South Tibet region. The International Airport in Guwahati and even airport in Tezpur along with the soon to be established in the state capital of Itanagar are to be the air travel points here. Besides this, Rail connectivity has dramatically improved in the region including a direct rail travel from country capital New Delhi. However, road travel remains the best way to go different places here, where there are both private and state run APSRTC vehicles to hop on.

Best Time to Visit

Geographically being the largest of the seven sister north eastern state of India, Arunachal Pradesh has terrain with tropical weather in the plains having altitude from 100 to 1500 metres while alpine highland weather prevails at from mountain foothills varying from the heights of 3500 to as much as 5500 metres. The state receives rain downpours with average annual rainfall ranging anywhere between 100 to 200 inches. The time period between fag end of May to October is the time for most of this rainfall. Hence, the ideal time for visiting the Tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh is November to December and from February to April. If chill in the air fascinates the visitors; then January is the time to explore Arunachal Pradesh.

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